There are many circumstances when it makes sense for us to offer our unique organization infrastructure to the real estate industry for a fixed or percentage fee basis.  It is common for us to be retained by a business representative who desires to develop a single custom building or many standardized buildings at various locations for their corporate operation.  Additionally, real estate investors retain KII to develop their investments.  Property managers retain us to provide tenant improvement or additions to existing facilities.  An individual may desire to hire us to build their once in a lifetime dream custom home.

KII offers services on a fee basis whereby we retain no ownership in the venture.  We will provide our services to ensure a successful development.

KII has the unique ability to internally analyze all phases of a potential development.      A site visit, a visit to the government entities, a market study, an internal research of past  projects, a preliminary conceptual drawing, and total turn-key development pricing budget removes a majority of a project’s unknown factors.  At the completion of our initial analysis, we can offer the development a fixed turnkey price to complete the entire development from start to finish.